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Welcome to Be Well with Dr. Hayley where I am passionate about making neuroscience approachable for everyone! I love working with coaches, wellness professionals, teachers, and counselors who are ready to stand apart and show up as true leaders in their field. By learning easy-to-swallow knowledge of how the brain works in real-life situations, my clients and students are armed with an education in a subject they can use literally every single day. Not only that, they gain the power to serve their clients better. This allows them to create an environment for their communities to thrive.

I earned my PhD in Psychological and Brain Sciences from The Johns Hopkins University, am a tenured professor of Psychology in the Philadelphia area, and am an international speaker. I have several peer-reviewed research publications and have previous research and faculty appointments with The National Institutes of Health, The Johns Hopkins University, and The University of Pennsylvania. I'm so excited to officially launch Be Well with Dr. Hayley and The Academy of Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience where I have combined my knowledge of the human mind and brain health with my passion for education, teaching, consulting, and mentoring.

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Tasia Valenza

EMMY Winning Voiceover Artist

TEDx Speaker

Founder of Give Great Voice

"I wanted to shout out Dr. Hayley for she communicates her brilliance so well. As a neuroscientist she’s so able to take intellectual heady concepts and express them in simple engaging layman’s terms and bring them to life in a way that’s relevant and fascinating.

She makes brain and gut health relevant and “digestible” so professionals can take the information to their clients and utilize it in a practical and real world fashion.

She’s funny and brilliant and communicates with compassion and empathy and humor which is an amazing combination.

Dr. Hayley you give great voice and great wisdom. I can’t recommend you highly enough."

Marc Hayford

GET UP Podcaster

Motivational Speaker

3x Best-Selling Self-Help Author

"Dr. Hayley can break down some of the most complex issues when we're talking about neuroscience, make it very rudimentary so the basic average person can take these concepts, understand them, and then take action steps with them to benefit their lives.

I've shared stages with Dr. Hayley. She's not only a rock star, she's a caring person. She actually listens. When you have somebody that has a degree or somebody that has this heightened superior knowledge, they can tend to be aloof. They can tend to be unapproachable and they can definitely have ego. And there is none of that when we're talking about Dr. Hayley Nelson. She is absolutely a powerhouse at what she does and somebody who you definitely want to connect with if you're looking to move forward with your life and to use neuroscience to do it."

Diamando Stratakos

Business Artist & Founder of

GOLIVE Spartan Experiences

"I just think that she is such a fun and accessible person and she is filled with so much incredible knowledge. She is just full of heart and she will take a look at her audience and will really listen to people and will be able to tailor her approach to exactly what that particular audience needs. She will make it something that is going to draw them in and change their lives for the better, so I cannot recommend Dr. Hayley more highly than this.

I just hope that everyone gets an opportunity to learn from her. She makes learning accessible and fun and she makes you want to dig deeper and do even more and learn even more and that is just something incredibly powerful! So, if you get a chance to work with Dr. Hayley, I highly recommend it…Doctor or not, she is 100% worth it!"

Shirelle K. Flowers,


Certified Grief Counseling Specialist;

Maryland Board Approved Supervisor

"I have had the opportunity and privilege to attend several of Dr. Hayley's workshops and presentations. She is masterful in making complex scientific content about the brain relatable to everyone regardless of their educational background and experience.

As a mental health provider, I believe that helping clients build on their strengths while incorporating new coping strategies is the key to successful therapeutic outcomes and in achieving their personal goals. I have been able to utilize the knowledge I gained through Dr. Hayley's courses and seminars and apply it to my daily interactions with clients. I look forward to future collaborations with Dr. Hayley to further enhance my mental health practice."

Jason Stansberry, MS, NCC, LPC


Delaware County Community College

"Dr. Hayley Nelson is extraordinary! She is a bona fide expert in the field of neuroscience, a fantastic instructor, and an overall compassionate friend and human being.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with Dr. Hayley during our collaborative work at DCCC where we work to enrich the lives of our students. She is a powerhouse of knowledge when it comes to neuroscience and psychology, which has not only allowed for further learning on my part, and thus has been a benefit in assisting our students achieve success. I can not recommend Dr. Hayley enough as an instructor, a collaborator, and a truly supportive person to have in your corner.

I always look forward to learning more from Dr. Hayley and applying that knowledge to further develop my skills as a counselor. Her insight is incredible. She creates a space for students and others to really dig in and learn more about themselves so they can grow. I am so blessed to have her in my life as friend as well as a coworker. Not only has she helped me further my goals, but her fun-loving personality slays me every time we talk."

Laura Hinds, MSW, LCSW

Principal Partner

Hindsight Consulting Group, LLC

"Dr. Hayley Nelson has a gift for taking complex neurobiological processes and making them accessible to people of different scientific starting points. My students, both post-graduate and graduate, have immensely benefited from her skill and expertise. Her humor and humanity are just added pluses!

For any clinician who wants to have a firmer understanding of the biology of the brain, how medications are actually used by the body, or how mental illness and addiction affects our brains' functioning, connecting with Dr. Hayley is a must! Your practice, your clients' outcomes, and your own knowledge base will be deeply enhanced by her instruction.

5 stars!"

Ariel Miller, MSN, RN

Registered Nurse

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Hayley for nearly a decade, first as my Neuroscience professor and advisor at the University of Pennsylvania, and since then, as a mentor. She was hands down the best professor I have ever had. She makes complex neuroscience concepts approachable and understandable. She is brilliant, engaging, funny and lights up a classroom.

Most importantly, she is one of the most passionate, empathetic, and caring people outside of the classroom. She consistently reaches out to check in, and has given me incredible guidance throughout my early career and through a recent career change into nursing. Knowing Dr. Hayley has made me a better student, professional and nurse. I cannot recommend Dr. Hayley more highly!"

Dax Decker

Super Senior Athlete

Founder, "Cool Gray Cats" Club

"If you are looking for easy-to-understand, effective solutions for complex real-world problems, Dr. Hayley is ready and able to exceed your expectations.

With a synergistic combination of deep human connection and neuroscience expertise, Dr. Hayley is uniquely qualified to provide solutions to many of the stubborn mental challenges we all face at some point in our lives.

Compassion and empathy are hallmarks of Dr. Hayley’s career, and she exemplifies all that is beautiful in the human experience. If you have the opportunity to work with Dr. Hayley, your past will be a better teacher, your present will be more peaceful and happy, and your future will be brighter and more fulfilling."

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